These drawings are created over a period of days, weeks or months, depending on complexity. I typically work on several simultaneously, each one guided by a singular or set of restrictions. In one drawing I may decide to use only (or mostly) straight forms and then in another, only curved forms. The restrictions allow me to improvise in a vein and then repeat what I’ve learned to generate my own conventions. I’ve also decided to restrict myself to using only isometric perspective.

As I drawing nears completion, I will draw over sections that seem complete to disrupt the perceived forms and persuade my brain to build new connections between the disrupted forms. I’ve found the process of solving micro problems throughout the day to be very edifying and satisfying.

For many years I’ve had dreams of complex spaces. Around October, 2019, I started drawing them. Initially, I drew only intersecting forms that resembled beams or curved pipes. Recently, I began to render spaces and the results can be seen in “Dream Space No. 1.