Posts – Digital Painting

The sun sets behind the silhouetted skyline of trees, a street lamp and a crane. The bright orange of the sky is reflected on the shiny roof of a car in the foreground.
  • Chris


    Even though I put aside all concern for proportion and representational accuracy when making this piece, I’m still drawn to it.

  • Soft Face

    Soft Face

    This painting was created without a reference image. Sometimes a face will come to mind, complete with light and emotion, and I will paint it.

  • Red Faced

    Red Faced

    This digital painting is not a portrait of a real person. It came to mind in 2020 around the time of George Floyd’s murder.

  • Small Face

    Small Face

    This is one of my first ventures into painting an image from my mind. It felt like painting a dream even though I rarely ever remember any of the faces in my dreams.

  • The Face

    The Face

    In March of 2020 I decided that I wanted to paint faces without looking at any reference images. Instead, I drew a skull and then added flesh it it. This was the result.