Yellow Wall

A man, wrapped in a grey quilt, wearing a black cap, stands in front of a wall made of yellow siding outside of a fast food restaurant.

I resemble this man and many of the other black men, standing outside of restaurants and stores in the Bay Area, who rely on acts of kindness from strangers to eat. He, and the other man on the other side of the drive-through, are silently hoping for Generosity to motivate someone to share. 

A man stands next to a car outside of a fast food restaurant in Richmond, CA at night.

When I look at these men, I see our collective failure, our fear, our self righteousness, our powerlessness, our selfishness, and our systems of exploitation. Some would have me believe, these people are in this position because of poor decision-making and laziness. For me, this man’s position, is indicative of a successful capitalist economy.  


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