Author: Usry

  • Home Down Under

    Home Down Under

    If global financial theocracy continues their current level of domination, I feel these accommodations are manifest destiny for all but the rich. It makes me want to be rich but I fear that upon stepping over the golden threshold in to the domain of the endowed, I will lose all my empathy. Empathy is the…

  • Gas Prices

    Gas Prices

    Sometimes it seems as if life is run on two molecules; methanol to fuel or cars and ethanol to shut off brain cells. Both however, can have deleterious effects when used in excess. These days, I’m very careful when using either on to alter the state of my life. 

  • Backboard


    I try not to cling too tightly to illuminations from my past because they often lack details and context, and I’m not done seeing yet. The pigment in my eyes is graying with age but I don’t want my insights to grow old. Backlit subjects can always benefit from a bit of light in the…

  • Glowing Tree

    Glowing Tree

    This tree caught my eye because the branches glowed and tree branches only glow in stories. Before a certain age my imagination was off limits because there were no magical glowing trees or benevolent tricksters. It’s fertile ground now and I intend to spend the rest of my existence growing as many things there as…

  • Crown of Lights

    Crown of Lights

    For someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping, I derive a decent amount of pleasure from shopping for groceries for others. I tend to harbor very low expectations which can be easily satisfied when met. 

  • Light in the Tunnel

    Light in the Tunnel

    When it’s dark outside, the light is in the tunnel instead of at the end. Someone, because of my preference for sad music, called me a sad sack while I was 18 working at a liquor store in New Jersey. Even though they were using the term incorrectly, I knew what they meant. I was…

  • Fast Food Wall

    Fast Food Wall

    If I change my mind while in a drive-through line of a fast food restaurant, I don’t have a way to notify staff, change my order or, more importantly, get out of line.

  • Raised Arms

    Raised Arms

    Unhoused citizens, living in Oakland, often build structures beneath the freeways in neighborhoods, where the homes  of other disenfranchised citizens were destroyed to build those freeways.  

  • Dark Tower

    Dark Tower

    I was around eight years old when I first stepped into a tall, frighteningly swaying, apartment building. I remember darting to the window to see if the building was falling. Seven years of ferry crossings had not prepared me for a building that moved like a boat. As an adult, I learned the fear quelling…

  • Supermarket


    Supermarkets, franchises and chain stores would like us to see the benevolence of their convenience above everything else. Above all, they want to be benign monopolies. They claim to do good for us because they are big and can save us money but I’ve yet to save money while spending it.