Category: Landscape Photography

  • Glowing Tree

    Glowing Tree

    This tree caught my eye because the branches glowed and tree branches only glow in stories. Before a certain age my imagination was off limits because there were no magical glowing trees or benevolent tricksters. It’s fertile ground now and I intend to spend the rest of my existence growing as many things there as…

  • Oakland Moon

    Oakland Moon

    The crescent of a rising yellow moon sits light speckled horizon of the Oakland Hills, east of the crane and ship filled Oakland docks. I love the contrast between the cool blue lights on the left the warm red lights on the right. This was taken from a road running near the Emeryville Marina.

  • Brooks Island

    Brooks Island

    I love the graceful and solitary profile of Brooks Island, shrouded in fog and visible from El Cerrito. Veiled in fog and capped by pillowy clouds are distant hills in Sausalito. I feel as if this is a portrayal of my most common state of my mind.