To date, all of my digital drawings were created on an iPad using Procreate. It’s an application I use in place of drawing on paper or painting on canvas because it allows me to work anywhere at anytime. 

In art school I was trained to work on paper and canvas with pencils, pens, charcoal and brushes. Touching a glass surface with a plastic pen still feels alien. I’m learning to adapt to the absence of tactile, auditory and olfactory feedback that comes from working on with traditional materials.

Thankfully, digital media has assets and other feedback that I enjoy. It’s portable so when something crosses my mind I can immediately render a reasonable facsimile of the desired image. I can make as many mistakes as I want or need to learn from at a very little cost. I just need to remind myself to let go of the restraints of intent and learn to live with what I’ve made.

Digital line drawing created in Procreate.


Digital drawings about the places where lines and planes intersect.