Digital Painting and Drawing

Despite the absence of oil paint, linseed oil and the reassuring swish of bristles on canvas, painting with pixels, at least the way I do it, still feels like painting. All of the principles and processes I learned from my professors, Andy Sichel and Joan Semmel, are still valid every time my plastic stylus touches the glass screen. I start with broad areas and big shapes and rigorously work my way towards details and edges.

Procreate, the wonderful piece of software I use to create these paintings, has an incredible number of brushes, textures and ways to paint and draw anything imaginable. I however, use a single brush that I customized to mimic the application of oil paint to canvas.

A 30 sec. video of a digital painting.
Digital Painting


A gallery of painted digital portraits that I began working on in 2020.



Images focused on the movement of the line.