Sound Works

I began making  sound works in 1992 during the hour long bus ride between my studio apartment in ChinatownPhiladelphia, to crate making job in Germantown, Pennsylvania. Originally I worked with a small Yamaha QY70 but later moved on to using ambient sounds I recored on cassette tapes and other electronic media. 

I’m not a trained musician and can’t read music to save my life but I love music and sound. I made and continue making these pieces to express my own thoughts and emotions about rhythm, harmony, melody and everything audible.

Sound Works

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This collection began with the sound of a squeaking hinge on a gate in a during a hike in Wildcat Canyon, CA.

Unknown Cover Art


My second collection of sound works.

Here Cover Art


My first collection of sound works. I began working on this circa 1993 while living in Philadelphia.