Sound Works – Gate

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This collection began with the sound of a squeaking hinge on a gate in a during a hike in Wildcat Canyon, CA.

Gate | The first sound I used in this piece came from a squeaky gate in Wildcat Canyon during a hike. Hiking is almost always filled with auditory delights. Once the din of cars fade from distant highways, the rich and subtle sounds of the natural world become much more evident.
Boiling Point | I walked past the underground parking garage at Berkeley Bowl West for several years, at least five days a week, before recording the hissing sound at the beginning piece. A second layer of is pice includes the sound of boiling water; a sound I’ve always loved.
Source | Included in this work are the sounds of an elevator, the sounds of children playing in a building, a ventilation system and many others.
Tea | This piece began with a simple melody that came to mind and there isn’t much more to say. 
Wipe | They rhythm of windshield wipers are at the base of this work. You can also hear the sounds of various birds and rain. This work started as I sat in my car on a wet winter day near a waterfront in Oakland.
Two and a Half | Made when my son turned two and a half.