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  • Foggy Sunset

    Foggy Sunset

    Fog during sunset is not uncommon in the East Bay. I love the way it covers the hills with graded light that seems to emanate from the ground. Sadly, there are probably noxious particles suspended in this same lovely light.

  • Brooks Island

    Brooks Island

    I love the graceful and solitary profile of Brooks Island, shrouded in fog and visible from El Cerrito. Veiled in fog and capped by pillowy clouds are distant hills in Sausalito. I feel as if this is a portrayal of my most common state of my mind.

  • El Cerrito View

    El Cerrito View

    I’m up on one of the numerous hills in El Cerrito, CA, on a sunny, and foggy morning. Even though I’ve driven down this hill countless times, I’m never tired of the view, especially when there’s fog to light the air.