My professional photography work is now at eastbayphoto.com



Images taken while the sun sets and rises.

Seagull at sunset.

Fine Art Photography

Nature, Landscape, Cityscape, & Street

As a teenager, I spent countless hours, between library stacks, pouring over and admiring the works of other photographers. Years later, while attending community college, I bought my first professional film camera (Pentax K1000). In 2000, I started using a Nikon Coolpix 950 to do street photography

You can buy any of my images as prints. Contact me directly before my store is launched.

I still enjoy walking around city streets taking pictures but I also the enjoy nature and macro photography, the waterfront, highways, twilight and night photography, rain on wet surfaces, and faces on lampposts. 

I also create videos documenting my explorations.

Deb Haaland

Digital Paintings & Drawings

Paintings created using Procreate

I love painting older faces. As we age, gravity, time and life leaves indelible traces on our skin. We start to look like our parents, our grandparents, and their grandparents. It’s as if we travel back through time every time we look in the mirror.

The portrait gallery above chronicles my development with this medium including brief digressions and experiments that help to push my work in significant ways.

I am available for commissions so please contact me if you’d like to have a painting of yourself or a loved one. My paintings will be made available for online purchase soon.