I’m a multidisciplinary professional artist currently living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area. Beginning in 1995, I worked for non-profit art organizations, theaters, museums, state education organizations, individuals and corporations as a photographer, videographer, visual artist and teacher.

I enjoy working as an artist, with stills, moving images, sound and my hands, because of the understanding and relationships and that can develop. The process of engaging my senses with someone or something for a period of time, takes me out of my head and moves me, even if only temporarily, into another world. While I cannot become what I interact with, I can open myself up enough to allow a part of the subject to stay with me for a while. That simple welcoming gesture is often enough to make something meaningful and lasting.

As a professional artist, I’m friendly, flexible, approachable and fair. You can reach me by email from my contact page. I do not currently have fixed rates for certain types of work so we can decide on compensation after discussing the scope of your project. Currently, I’m also open to bartering opportunities so feel free to ask.

Usry Alleyne

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