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  • Home Down Under

    Home Down Under

    If global financial theocracy continues their current level of domination, I feel these accommodations are manifest destiny for all but the rich. It makes me want to be rich but I fear that upon stepping over the golden threshold in to the domain of the endowed, I will lose all my empathy. Empathy is the…

  • Backboard


    I try not to cling too tightly to illuminations from my past because they often lack details and context, and I’m not done seeing yet. The pigment in my eyes is graying with age but I don’t want my insights to grow old. Backlit subjects can always benefit from a bit of light in the…

  • Fast Food Wall

    Fast Food Wall

    If I change my mind while in a drive-through line of a fast food restaurant, I don’t have a way to notify staff, change my order or, more importantly, get out of line.

  • Upside Down Domino’s

    Upside Down Domino’s

    Americans eat a lot of flour, cheese, tomatoes, and pork. Millions of hours of human life are used to make dough, sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Countless hours of human life are spent driving what others make for us to eat. When we read the words, look at the pictures and press the buttons to place…

  • Bokeh Lights

    Bokeh Lights

    Even though there are no specific objects to see in this image, (it’s just a field of blurry, white and colored circles of light), I still enjoy looking at it. I love the momentary settling of thoughts that occurs because I’m not asked to identify anything. There is no cognitive purchase necessary for me to…