Category: Night Photography

  • Gas Prices

    Gas Prices

    Sometimes it seems as if life is run on two molecules; methanol to fuel or cars and ethanol to shut off brain cells. Both however, can have deleterious effects when used in excess. These days, I’m very careful when using either on to alter the state of my life. 

  • Glowing Tree

    Glowing Tree

    This tree caught my eye because the branches glowed and tree branches only glow in stories. Before a certain age my imagination was off limits because there were no magical glowing trees or benevolent tricksters. It’s fertile ground now and I intend to spend the rest of my existence growing as many things there as…

  • Light in the Tunnel

    Light in the Tunnel

    When it’s dark outside, the light is in the tunnel instead of at the end. Someone, because of my preference for sad music, called me a sad sack while I was 18 working at a liquor store in New Jersey. Even though they were using the term incorrectly, I knew what they meant. I was…

  • Fast Food Wall

    Fast Food Wall

    If I change my mind while in a drive-through line of a fast food restaurant, I don’t have a way to notify staff, change my order or, more importantly, get out of line.

  • Supermarket


    Supermarkets, franchises and chain stores would like us to see the benevolence of their convenience above everything else. Above all, they want to be benign monopolies. They claim to do good for us because they are big and can save us money but I’ve yet to save money while spending it. 

  • Smoke Shop

    Smoke Shop

    I wonder if cities would be a lot darker and less visually appealing at night if stores, like this one, with numerous LED signs didn’t exist? From my casual observations, East Bay suburban downtowns, are often dark and empty, and despite aspirations of safety, feel less hospitable. 

  • LED Moon

    LED Moon

    Many of the streets in San Leandro are narrow with buildings packed tightly next to each other. People put things where they want and make changes to structures as needed. There is an unplanned organic elegance to the city. Many of the homes have barred windows and police patrol cars are in frequent. 

  • Tiny Lenses

    Tiny Lenses

    It can be restful to sit and watch drops of rain running down a window and I have no reason why. Maybe it’s the unpredictability of when the drops will run and the patterns paths they make? Maybe it’s the thousands of little lenses refracting the refracted images of the background? Maybe it’s just a…

  • Surveillance


    When I was a hyper self-conscious teenager, I wouldn’t dare adjust any part of my clothing in public. Now, half a century later, I couldn’t care less who is looking at me and why. Self-consciousness means something else and feeling embarrassed faded when I became a parent. I also think, sidestepping electronic surveillance, we are…

  • Power Lines

    Power Lines

    Despite all of the visual stimulation we live with in a city, things still catch my eye. This time, it was the red and white power lines, above me, at this traffic light. Power lines are never red and white so I had to stop and look.