Category: Aging

  • Surveillance


    When I was a hyper self-conscious teenager, I wouldn’t dare adjust any part of my clothing in public. Now, half a century later, I couldn’t care less who is looking at me and why. Self-consciousness means something else and feeling embarrassed faded when I became a parent. I also think, sidestepping electronic surveillance, we are…

  • Yellow Wall

    Yellow Wall

    I resemble this man and many of the other black men, standing outside of restaurants and stores in the Bay Area, who rely on acts of kindness from strangers to eat. He, and the other man on the other side of the drive-through, are silently hoping for Generosity to motivate someone to share.  A man…

  • Wheelchair & Red Car

    Wheelchair & Red Car

    With is each revolution of the Earth, I lose a a tiny bit of life. From birth, I was told to believe that morality, and merit would protect me from sickness, exploitation, loneliness, and even death. My mother also told me I had “hard ears”. Sometimes the lack of compliance is a signal of healthy…