Category: Street Photography

  • Gas Prices

    Gas Prices

    Sometimes it seems as if life is run on two molecules; methanol to fuel or cars and ethanol to shut off brain cells. Both however, can have deleterious effects when used in excess. These days, I’m very careful when using either on to alter the state of my life. 

  • Surveillance


    When I was a hyper self-conscious teenager, I wouldn’t dare adjust any part of my clothing in public. Now, half a century later, I couldn’t care less who is looking at me and why. Self-consciousness means something else and feeling embarrassed faded when I became a parent. I also think, sidestepping electronic surveillance, we are…

  • Corrugated Pizza

    Corrugated Pizza

    Corrugated steel will always represent affordable shelter to me. It’s a material that I saw frequently used for the roofs and walls of modest rural homes of in Guyana. My mind traveled back in time, and thousands of miles away when I saw this piece of metal in downtown Oakland. Instead of a roof and…

  • Man with Red Bike

    Man with Red Bike

    I see a lot of men standing outside of convenience, stores at night as I work. Sometimes they ask for money, other times they ask for food, and sometimes they just seem to be standing there because there’s a light on other people around. 

  • Liquor Store

    Liquor Store

    A lot of alcohol deliveries and consumption happens at night, particularly on Friday and Saturday nights. We also smooth ourselves at the day’s end the day with weed, ice cream, candy, cookies and other sweet treats. I wonder when and where it began and why it continues despite how much damage it causes? We know…

  • Underpass


    I’ve driven rapidly over this underpass hundreds of times. It never crosses my mind that I’m driving over the heads of others. The juxtaposition of the black and white crosswalk, the gold, glowing murals and the dark box shaped shelters of the unhoused is halting every time I drive through this underpass at night. 

  • Right Turn Only

    Right Turn Only

    Sadly, the very cool, Hoza Pizza, once located next to this sign and behind the green dumpster, is now gone. I ate one of the best slices of pizza ever, here. The graffiti covered surfaces make for a very deliberate pile of chaos that I really like.

  • Pretty Dumpster

    Pretty Dumpster

    I like the density of objects in this photograph. My eyes walk backward from the yellow lettering on the dumpster in the foreground to the orange barriers, to the second dumpster, to the tagged sign, the cars, the third dumpster and finally the distant street and building lights.

  • Hoza Pizza

    Hoza Pizza

    Certain locations in downtown Oakland can trigger fond memories and one of those locations was Hoza Pizza. One night I ate one of the best slices of pizza I’ve ever had. It was topped with fresh plum tomatoes, garlic and the perfect amount of cheese. The music was perfect, the crowd was diverse and the…