Category: Rain

  • Gas Prices

    Gas Prices

    Sometimes it seems as if life is run on two molecules; methanol to fuel or cars and ethanol to shut off brain cells. Both however, can have deleterious effects when used in excess. These days, I’m very careful when using either on to alter the state of my life. 

  • Supermarket


    Supermarkets, franchises and chain stores would like us to see the benevolence of their convenience above everything else. Above all, they want to be benign monopolies. They claim to do good for us because they are big and can save us money but I’ve yet to save money while spending it. 

  • Tiny Lenses

    Tiny Lenses

    It can be restful to sit and watch drops of rain running down a window and I have no reason why. Maybe it’s the unpredictability of when the drops will run and the patterns paths they make? Maybe it’s the thousands of little lenses refracting the refracted images of the background? Maybe it’s just a…

  • Freeway Lights

    Freeway Lights

    I’m going to miss the rain when summer arrives in the East Bay. How light interacts, refracts and reflects off of mist, is always a wonder to observe. Mist is like sugar in the air; it reduces details but adds sweetness to whatever passes through it. 

  • Rain In Richmond

    Rain In Richmond

    As a photographer in training, I was cautioned to never to take photographs through a window. For me, being told to never do something always inspires me to ask why. I’ve learned to ignore the word never as much as possible. Since I spend a large part of each day, looking at the world through…

  • Grand Green Lights

    Grand Green Lights

    This image was taken seconds after “Red Grand Lights,” but because of the color change from red to green, it feels quieter. Green always signifies quiet for me most likely because I associate it with walking through places with dense vegetation. I also find it to be a soothing color. 

  • Wet Window

    Wet Window

    The permanent streaks on the driver’s side window of my car, diffuses light reflected from my rearview mirror to give the impression that light is coming from below. Unless the source is volcanic, or a reflective body of water, we are used to seeing light coming from above. This has metaphorical significance for those who…

  • Raindrops


    I love rain at night because it always seems to slow down the passage of time as I sit and wait for it to stop while simultaneously not wanting cessation. 

  • Six Drops

    Six Drops

    As peaceful and settled, as these six water drops appear to be, I can’t help imagining tension when I look at this image. My mind keeps asking when will they drop.

  • A Little Rain

    A Little Rain



    Winters were rainy when I arrived in California in 2009. Then in 2012, winters became dry at first I did not miss the rainy winters but when drought conditions said, I became worried and disappointed. No, that rainy winters seem to be normal again I am elated.