Category: At The Light

  • Power Lines

    Power Lines

    Despite all of the visual stimulation we live with in a city, things still catch my eye. This time, it was the red and white power lines, above me, at this traffic light. Power lines are never red and white so I had to stop and look. 

  • Cross Walk

    Cross Walk

    I’ve driven rapidly over this underpass hundreds of times. It never crosses my mind that I’m driving over the heads of others. The juxtaposition of the black and white crosswalk, the gold, glowing murals and the dark box shaped shelters of the unhoused is halting every time I drive through this underpass at night. 

  • Grand Red Lights

    Grand Red Lights

    This image is loaded with some of my favorite visual phenomena. There are diffused, bright lights, converging diagonal lines, distinct points of light, reflective surfaces and darkness. My sense of hearing is also tied to this piece from the sound of tires on the wet road and the know and swish of the wipers moving…